Modelo VG25 ¿Cómo medir?



Front shower panel with two sliding sheets + two fixed sheets in tempered glass 8 mm thick (in Colorless, Matte, Parsol color, Master carré and Engraving). Polished steel tubular profile 2 mm thick in the upper guide. Polished steel accessories and Nylon tandem bearings, hidden in the guide. Aluminum chrome base profile on the bottom of the sliding sheets, for a better tightness. Magnetic rubber closure translucent magnet in the center. Exclusive design of double knob on the sliding leaves, chrome finish. Standard height of 195.0 cm.

Note: For this model a perfect alignment of the walls is necessary.


  • Standard manufacturing height 195.0 cm.
  • Lower measurement in high standard 22 € P.V.P.
  • Glass-protect treatment 45 € m2 / screen P.V.P.
  • Engraving from € 30 / sheet P.V.P.
  • Mirror Mirastar tempered 8 mm thick 181 € m2. Mirastar mirror, this finish increases the lead time by one week, Request more information from your agent or through the media.