Modelo Tobago

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Frontal shower screen three removable sliding doors made of aluminum cutting straight lacquered or anodized. Accessories in the same color as the profiles, except in ral colors. autolimpiable bottom rail guider "patented". With acrylic plates up to 2.2 mm thick (in Water, Drops and Quadrat) or tempered glass 4 mm thick (in Colorless, Mate, Carglass, Parsol color, Master Carré and Engraving). Ball bearings stainless steel at the top and tubular profile compensation up to 20 mm on each side by side expanders fixing and hidden magnetic closure inside the handle blade.

Standard height of 185.0 cm.
This model does not allow reverse leaves.
Note: If you carry fixed attachment to clipable front. Reversible right and left.


• Maximum height 200.0 cm manufacturing.
• Undersize high standard 22 € P.V.P
• Color change in screen to RAL 180 € P.V.P
• Treatment Glass-protect 45 € m2 / screen P.V.P
• Print from 30 € / sheet P.V.P