Modelo Siapa

Modelo Siapa ¿Cómo medir?



Front shower panel with four folding sheets made of straight cut aluminum, in white lacquer or walnut wood. Accessories in the same color as the profile. With acrylic plates of 2.2 mm thickness (in Water and Quadrat) or tempered glass of 4 mm thickness (in Colorless, Mate, Carglass and Engraving). Nylon skids at the top and bottom and tubular profile of compensation up to 20 mm on each side, fixing by lateral extenders. Standard height of 185.0 cm.


• Standard manufacturing height 185.0 cm.
• Lower measurement in high standard 22 € P.V.P
• Color change in bulkhead according to letter ral € 180 P.V.P
• Glass-protect treatment 45 € m2 / screen P.V.P
• Engraving from € 30 / sheet P.V.P