Modelo Masiala

Modelo Masiala ¿Cómo medir?



Continuous fixed shower head + 6 mm thick hardened glass (in Colorless, Matte, Carglass, Parsol color, Master carré and Engraving). Aluminum profile up to 1.7 mm thick in anodised chrome. Accessories in silver finish with metallic particles. Compensation profile up to 20 mm, lateral extensor fixation. Glass to glass hinge with 180º swivel chrome finish. Central and lower rubber gasket for greater tightness. Magnetic rubber closure translucent magnet on the side. Unique design of 255 mm double handle handle, chrome finish. Standard height 188.3 cm.


• Maximum fabric height 188.3 cm.
• Lower measurement in high standard 22 € P.V.P
• Includes fixing bar in chrome finish.
• Glass-protect treatment 45 € m2 / screen P.V.P
• Engraving from € 30 / sheet P.V.P
• Mirror MIRASTAR® tempered 6 mm thick 154 € m2. Mirror MIRASTAR®, this finish increases the lead time by one week, request more information from your agent or through the usual means.