Modelo Hudson

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Frontal shower screen three sliding tempered glass 6 mm thick ( in Colorless, Mate , Parsol color, Master carré and Engraving ) leaves. Tandem bearings on top of Zamak chrome finish adjustable height 5 mm. tubular profile compensation up to 10 mm on each side fixing side extenders. Equipped with magnetic closure translucent rubber magnet on the side . Exclusive design handle double handle 255 mm , chrome finish. Chrome finish for maximum height of 195.0 cm will manufacture.

Standard height of 195.0 cm.


• Maximum height 200.0 cm manufacturing .

• undersize high standard 22 € P.V.P

• Treatment Glass -protect 45 € m2 / screen P.V.P

• Print from 30 € / sheet P.V.P

• Mirror MIRASTAR® 6 mm thick tempered € 154 m2. MIRASTAR® mirror , this finish increases the delivery time one week, request more information to your agent or through the usual means.