Modelo Fijo Tobago/Caribe

Modelo Fijo Tobago/Caribe ¿Cómo medir?

Fijo tobago caribe


Fixed lateral or continuous shower in aluminum cut straight, lacquered or anodized. With acrylic plates of 2.2 mm thickness (in Water and Quadrat) or 4 mm thick tempered glass (in Colorless, Mate, Carglass, Parsol color, Master carré and Engraving). Compensation profile up to 25 mm, corner profile prepared for clipable attachment to the lateral expander of the bulkhead. Standard height of 185.0 cm.

Note: Indicate the mounting position, right and left.


• Standard manufacturing height 185.0 cm.
• Lower measurement in high standard 22 € P.V.P
• Color change in bulkhead according to letter ral € 180 P.V.P
• Glass-protect treatment 45 € m2 / screen P.V.P
• Engraving from € 30 / sheet P.V.P