Modelo Esla ¿Cómo medir?



Front sliding shower screen + sheet fixed in tempered glass 6 mm thick (in Colorless, Matte, Carglass, Parsol color, Master carré and Engraving). Aluminum profile in lacquered or anodized. Accessories in the same color as the profile, except in ral colors. Tandem ball bearings in stainless steel at the top and at the bottom adjustable. Profile tubular of compensation up to 30 mm, fixation by lateral extensors. Magnetic rubber closure translucent magnet on the side. Unique design of 255 mm double handle handle, in chrome finish. Standard height of 195.0 cm.

Note: Indicate the position of the fixed, right and left.


• Maximum height 200.0 cm manufacturing .

• undersize high standard 22 € P.V.P

• Treatment Glass -protect 45 € m2 / screen P.V.P

• Print from 30 € / sheet P.V.P

• Mirror MIRASTAR® 6 mm thick tempered € 154 m2. MIRASTAR® mirror , this finish incre¬menta delivery within one week , request more information to your agent or through the media ha¬bituales.